Principal News

Hello Hosmer Community,

This is the time of year when our third, fourth, and fifth grade students take the MCAS and we started the testing yesterday. As you know, the test is entirely online now and that helps with some management but can add some problems as well. Our teachers and tech department have worked diligently to make sure the test is not affected by the student's ability to use the technology but rather reflects their knowledge. A big thank you to George, Joel, MaryKate, Erin, and Toni for pulling the whole thing together.

We are close to finalizing our student placement for next year and if you provided input, we made sure to consider that throughout the process. If you forgot don't worry, your child's teacher knows their students very well and will make sure they are in the best class for their learning style.

Reminders will be sent out over the next several weeks alerting you to end of years dates and events.

One of the things that Watertown does so well is to celebrate. On May 24th we will host the local Veterans for our Memorial Day celebration. You are all invited if we are able to hold it outside but unfortunately, if there is wet weather we will be limited by space and it will be student only. BUT, we have an offer that you may want to consider with the PTO. Watertown has a new Veteran Services Officer and his name is Patrick George. Patrick sent us a brochure to determine those who may want to participate in the Memorial Day parade and it would be a great way for the students to see up close what it takes to be a part of something like this. I suggest you talk as a group and if you have an idea for a theme, it can even just be Hosmer Husky's, fill out the attached form and send it in. There are so many local Veterans that you may want to pay homage to one or more of them with signs and flags.

Lastly, thank you for allowing me to serve as the Principal of the Hosmer School. I grew up here (went to Lowell School, sorry!) and appreciate everything the town has to offer. Yes, I know it is a city known as the town...but it will always be a town to me. Please stay involved in all of the school related events and I will be back in touch in May.

Bob LaRoche

Memorial Day Parade